Treatment of inner ear disorders is usually carried through during ten weeks with two treatment sessions every week and a total of twenty treatment sessions. Treatment of neurological disorders is carried out with up to three treatment sessions per week during a ten-
week period.

The optimal treatment interval is two to five days. A treatment period should be continuous and no interruptions or breaks in the treatment should occur. A cold or flu is no threat towards treatment. Less than twenty treatment sessions makes the treatment less effective and is not an alternative. Treatment is only carried through from October through December and from January through March.


Every autumn a treatment period starts in September and finishes in December

The number of treatments is based upon the experience of many years of clinical therapy and the treatment of thousands of patients at several clinics and in several medical studies. There is an obvious difference between the patient groups treated with a lesser number of sessions and those treated 20 times.

Before treating the ears of a patient an examination must be carried through and such an examination can only be done at the Audio Laser-Kliniken. The examination is made using a differential diagnostic method, which is a basic criteria to be able to as correctly as possible make the diagnosis of a patient’s dysfunctions and disorders (especially concerning tinnitus patients). The examination reveals very valuable information so that the treatment can be adapted individually. All patients are not treated in exactly the same way.


The picture above displays in what way a LASER probe should be placed inside the ear canal and how the applicator generating the pulsed electromagnetic field is placed.

The picture above displays in what way a LASER probe should be placed inside the ear canal so that the light can get into the cochlea as much as possible. The spongious bone structure allows light to pass in a higher grade than compact structures do. 

The picture above displays the placement of the LASER probe in inner ear therapy.

The therapy is a private alternative and the patients pay the whole treatment cost. The costs are displayed on the new homepage at Every treatment lasts for approximately 35-40 minutes.


In the treatment three different LASER probes are used. These are red and infrared with a maximum output of 490 mW. These lasers are called Low Level Lasers and they cannot wound any tissue in the body. There is no risk that red LASER light could be carcinogenic and cause cancer - on the contrary! The wavelength of red and infrared light is too weak to ionize biological material. The treatment is not painful at all. There are no permanent side effects. In a study by Procházka where 200 patients had inner ear treatment there were no serious side effects at all.


LASER therapy is noiseless, which is important for patients to know. Patients suffering from reactive tinnitus and / or hyperacusis are not exposed to any sound at all during therapy. The side effects are mostly very mild and if they occur they mostly last only for a short time. It is very rare to have longer side effects, but it happens that one or another patient gets side effects for a longer time. However, they fade away as time goes by.


– a slight increase of tinnitus (mostly in the middle of the treatment period; this mostly occurs two-four weeks after the start of the treatment).
– affected balance (this happens very often and the balance can be a little affected for half an hour or so, in extremely rare cases for a longer time).
– tiredness (this is very common and patients getting laser therapy very often get more tired).
– activation of the immune system (this causes cold symptoms during the treatment period due to the fact that the immune defence system is activated by the LASER light).
– pain in the ear canal and in the middle ear (depends on anti-inflammatory processes that start in inflamed tissue when it is irradiated with laser light. The anti-inflammatory processes synthesize substances such as prostaglandins, and they cause pain at the same time as they are healing inflammatory tissue).


– disturbed accommodation (problems with focusing the eyes).
– anxiety (mostly in combination with anti-depression medications).

– oversensitivity to sound (in very rare cases patients develop more sensitivity to sound during the treatment period, usually for two or three weeks).
– headache (often for a short time and if so mostly once or twice during the treatment period).
– great impact on balance including vertigo (very rare).

More side effects can occur, but no permanent or severe side effects.

Audio Laser-Kliniken is using photobiostimulating lasers specially adapted to ear-nose-throat treatment, audiology and neurology. The adaption has been made in cooperation with the laser expert Lars Hode at Irradia, Lidingö / Hjorthagen, Stockholm, Sweden. A special LASER device for inner ear treatment has been developed by Michael Zazzio and the LASER expert Claus Broge Meyer at LaserLight in Vejle Øst in Denmark. The LASER equipment has a high standard, is very competitive on the medical LASER therapy market and is quite inexpensive.