Time for examination is limited at the clinic. Due to that fact it is not possible to examine patients who are not interested in having a full therapeutic treatment program including medical LASER therapy in combination with LASER acupuncture, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy and the control of oxygen stress factors in blood via a capillary blood sample.

If you have had a sudden deafness or have recently been exposed to a noise trauma you will be examined and treated as soon as possible if the clinic is open. Experience reveals that sudden deafness demands instant treatment to be able to succeed at a higher rate than if treatment is carried through much later or not at all.

Michael Zazzio is involved in ongoing research projects, so unfortunately there are very limited periods when the clinic is open. Michael Zazzio has written scientific articles, is doing medical research and lecturing internationally and has been an invited speaker at international congresses and symposiums.

Examination and treatment is scheduled via telephone call or via e.mail or at a visit to the clinic. If you are calling on the phone but aren't getting a reply, then you can call later or send an e.mail to the clinic. Your email should include your personal information, when it suits you to visit the clinic for an examination and during what period you want to get the treatment. Before a treatment period there can sometimes be a pair of weeks for examination only. During those examination weeks no treatment at all is carried through. If you are emailing the clinic, please write down all your email addresses where you are available. If you aren't contacted within a reasonable time, then please call the clinic or send another email.

Questions about the treatment are only answered during the examination. Therefore it is advisable to read this homepage carefully before contacting the clinic. Most questions are answered on these pages. It is impossible to briefly lecture about “what LASER light does.” It is not reasonable to explain the hundreds of complex biological processes and treatment effects from the biophotostimulating LASER. That is not the task of the clinic - examination and treatment is. There are more than 40 years of medical research supporting knowledge about LASER therapy. More information about LASER can be found on the link page of this homepage. There are no brochures or any produced paper material about the Audio Laser-Kliniken. The only available material is what is found on this homepage. Please don't call or write the clinic asking questions about LASER therapy. There is a lot to study on the Internet about LASER therapy. Research material and scientific studies and articles are easily found on the PubMed.

If you want to send paper material to the clinic before an examination it can be done after an agreement via email or phone. Patients cannot get answers about their diseases or other information about their conditions unless they are examined at the clinic. The costs are displayed on the new homepage at

A treatment session lasts for approximately 32-40 minutes depending on what kind of treatment the patient will have. Every patient is usually treated 20 times during a ten week period, twice every week.


The Audio Laser-Kliniken is situated in Hovmantorp, 25 kilometers east of Växjö.

On the map below you can see where to find the Audio Laser-Kliniken in Hovmantorp.

The closest railway station is situated in Hovmantorp, 400 meters from the Audio Laser-Kliniken. The trains arrive and depart almost every hour.

There are also buses to and from Hovmantorp arriving and departing from the bus terminal situated close to the railway station, 200 meters from the Audio Laser-Kliniken.

If you are going to the clinic by car you can park it cost free on the private parking lot of the Audio Laser-Kliniken.