The specialty of the Audio Laser-Kliniken is the treatment of hearing and balance disorders and neurological disorders.The LASER therapy conducted on inner ear disorders is beside many other studies, clinical reports and congress lectures based upon several RCT studies (peer reviewed, published, positive, prospective, randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind tinnitus treatment and inner ear LASER irradiation studies). The treatment has Gold Standard status and is based upon the highest grade of scientific evidence and is, according to that, evidence based medicine.

Michael Zazzio has medical experience in the LASER field since 1990. He is an independent medical researcher and is cooperating with medical researchers, professors, doctors and dentists in many countries. The EMLA has asked him to become its official expert in the rehabilitation of such ENT disorders.

Michael Zazzio has a scientific article accepted for publication in a MEDLINE indexed, international, sceintific journal. Tha article is describing the treatment of hyperacusis.

Michael Zazzio is giving worldwide lectures about LASER therapy for inner ear disorders. The cost for a day of lectures is € 700 excluding VAT, plus 2 nights of hotel room, travel, transfer transportation and allowance for three days.

Michael Zazzio has developed the LASER treatment method for hyperacusis and proven that LASER light penetrates the tissue of the inner ear and its surrounding regions. Michael Zazzio's scientific results are also reported at international congresses and symposiums where Michael Zazzio has been an invited speaker.

Michael Zazzio is the founder of the academy NALMCA, an international LASER medical organisation consisting of specialist doctors and other therapists conducting LASER therapy on inner ear disorders and neurological dysfunctions.

I have been focused on the treatment of audiological and vestibular disorders since the end of the 1990s. Over the years I have developed my knowledge concerning different therapeutic methods in order to get wider knowledge and a broader view of this medical specialty I have been visiting and working in other countries such as India where I was lecturing and working in clinics, examining and treating patients with a variety of ethnic backgrounds for symptoms and causes of their medical diseases and disorders. I have also been educating specialist doctors in this treatment method at my clinic in Sweden. I have as an invited speaker been lecturing at international medical symposiums about the results of my medical research.

Apart from my clinical medical work I am involved in medical research. I am also a musician and I am working on musical projects in classical music, world music and different sorts of modern music. My musicality and extremely good hearing capacity have brought me a relatively good understanding of the importance of hearing and of the spoken word and subtle sonic nuances.

Every autumn a treatment period starts in September and finishes in December

The reason for the very limited treatment periods at my medical clinic is my working situation. Periodically I have to prioritize other things than examination and treatment. My medical research and cooperation with specialists all over the world demands my focus and at those times I have to concentrate on those things. My musicals projects are also time consuming and involve musicians from other countries. I am playing together with pianist Niklas Sivelöv who is having a main professorship at the Royal Danish Music Consevatory in Copenhagen. Playing together with a musician like him demands full concentration and therefore the treatment schedule at the clinic is limited to certain periods, days and hours.

My ambition is to be able to help as many patients as possible. I would prefer specialist doctors and other therapists to be more involved in teamwork concerning patients suffering from hearing and balance disorders. Tinnitus and sudden deafness are severe and difficult disorders needing instant treatment, and mostly a combination of several treatment methods, to get the best treatment result possible. Teamwork also widens the awareness among all specialists involved in cooperative projects.

During every treatment period at my clinic there is a maximum number of patients whom I can treat. That's why the planning of treatment is very important, both for me and for the patients. It is therefore of great importance that patients who want to start treating their symptoms will contact me and come to the clinic for an examination, preferably as soon as possible. Some patients need to be adjusted according to the free radical levels in blood, and the adjustment can be very difficult and time consuming. For emergencies such as sudden deafness there should be no hesitation in contacting the clinic as soon as possible.

In the picture above you can see the new LASER device developed by Michael Zazzio and LaserLight during 2006-2007. It is available for both patients and therapists. It was originally designed for the treatment of inner ear disorders, but can also be used for many other treatment modalities such as pain relief in general and wound healing. The device in the picture above comes together with four LASER probes, power adjustable probes with an output effect from 0-490 mW and a wavelength of 808 nm, and probes with an output effect of 50 mW and a wavelength of 650 nm. The cost of the newly developed LASER device is extremely competitive on the medical LASER market and it is available for both therapists and patients.

Michael Zazzio is an agent for therapeutic and medical LASERs manufactured by Laser Light and Irradia. Therapists and patients looking for therapeutic and medical LASERs are welcome to ask for help and counseling concerning LASERs. Some patients have a need of their own LASERs and have with help from Michael Zazzio bought their own suitable LASERs.

The new clinic in Hovmantorp in southern Småland

The clinic is located in Hovmantorp, a village in Småland situated 25 km east of Växjö.