Many patients are calling the clinic asking questions like these. Learning about the LASER and its specific and complex mechanisms within the cells requires years of work and studies. To explain such things for people asking about them is not reasonable. Explanations about LASER and its photobiostimulating and medical effects are complicated and can only be understood by those having extremely good medical, cell biological, physical and biochemical knowledge. On this site there is a fairly light explanation presented about the basics of LASER. If you want to know more about LASER light and LASER therapy, then you can get more knowledge via the Internet links at the: link page.

LASER is always light and only light and nothing else but light, consisting of photons with a specific wavelength. Photons are light particles and are also called corpuscles of radiation. All photons have the same speed in a natural environment. The power of a photon depends on its wavelength and not on any variable speed. Photons are light and they always travel at the speed of light and with no other speed unless they are treated in special ways in a laboratory or captured in a black hole in a galaxy.

LASER therapy is a medical light therapy. Red and infrared light, for instance, have photobiologically stimulative effects. The LASER light and to some extent monochromatic light (light consisting of a very narrow bandwidth of light) and polarized light have a positive influence on healing and reproduction in the living cell. People as well as other animals are positively affected by LASER light that is today used for the treatment of muscles, tendons, skin disorders, ulcers, circulation, inflammations, blood diseases, tumours, nerve injuries, compartment syndromes, psoriasis, acne, pain, migraine, tinnitus, hearing and balance disorders and many other diseases and disorders. Even monochromatic light therapy has been proven to work well and to induce positive effects. Scientifically there is no doubt that light has biologically positive effects on healing processes. The medical proofs are certain and in many cases based upon the highest degree of Evidence Based Medicine.

Biophotostimulative LASER therapy preferably includes LASERs with bandwidths between 630 nm (red light) and 904 nm (infrared light). The red and infrared LASERs have a good depth of penetration and nowadays there are approximately 200 known biological effects. The LASERs that are used in therapy to treat hearing and balance disorders are “non-invasive,” which means that they don't leave any scars or marks after exposure. They are relatively weak and are totally harmless, as they cannot damage tissue.

For many years, without any scientific support at all, specialist doctors and professors in audiology and ENT have claimed that the LASER light does not reach the inner ear when it is administrated through the ear canal. That is not true. The statements are basically meant to harm the LASER treatment method and especially the LASER treatment of inner ear disorders. The truth about the penetration of LASER light in the tissue around the ear and inside the inner ear is revealed in the pictures below. They clearly display that the LASER light reaches the inner ear via the ear canal. The LASER used in the scientific study conducted by Michael Zazzio on the 11th of November 2006 was a collimated 35 mW InGaAlP LASER of 650 nm wavelength. The object of the study was the ear of a pig.


Picture 1.       Photo: Michael Zazzio

This picture displays how the
LASER light irradiates the ear
canal from the outside of the
skull bone. The LASER light is
aimed towards the
inner ear,
which is situated a couple of
centimeters inside the tissue sample. The black wedge-shaped object in
the picture is the LASER probe. 

Picture 2.       Photo: Michael Zazzio

This picture displays the same
tissue sample, but here it is taken
from the inside of the skull bone,
which has been divided halfway
into the brain but still contains
the hearing organ. The red area in
the picture is LASER light irradiating
the part where the cochlea of the
inner ear is found.

Picture 3.      Photo: Michael Zazzio

This close-up photography is
taken from the same position as
picture 2. This enlarged photo
clearly displays that the red light
ball inside the tissue is LASER
drowning the tissue in red
LASER light. In this sample it is the
tissue in the area where the hearing
organ (the cochlea) is found.

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More knowledge about medical LASER therapy can be found on the homepages Tinnitus Laser Center and Laser World.

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