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Costs for health care

The Audio Laser Clinic is a private health care alternative and is not included in the national official health care fee system in Sweden. The patients pay the whole cost.

EU directives and verdicts of the European Court

There are no Swedish laws or regulations, EU directives or precedent verdicts in the European court for human rights giving Swedish citizens the right to choose private health care alternatives for the same cost as official health care. But there are for citizens from other EU membership countries.

The European Court states in several verdicts that citizens in other EU membership countries can be refunded for health care and have the right to go to any other EU membership country to get planned treatment if the following requirements are fulfilled.

The treatment must be regarded as normal in the professional circles concerned. This expression means that the treatment must be regarded as normal means that authorization cannot be refused on that ground where it appears that the treatment concerned is sufficiently tried and tested by international medical science.

Authorization regarding payment for the treatment can be refused on the ground of lack of medical necessity only if the same or equally effective treatment can be obtained without undue delay at an establishment having a contractual arrangement with the insured person's sickness insurance fund.

If the requirements are fulfilled, the home country of the citizen getting treatment abroad must pay the costs for treatment. Several patients have from their home countries received payment for their medical treatment at the Audio Laser Clinic.

Laser therapy in combination with the treatment with pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (rTMS) and analysis and control of free radicals is not carried thru at any other clinic in any other European Union membership country, so citizens from all European Union membership countries can come to the Audio Laser Clinic in Sweden and get the treatment and have it paid by their home countries.

Waiting list

The health care offered at the Audio Laser Clinic is at the moment carried through during two treatment periods per year (March-May and September-November). There is no waiting list. All patients wanting to undergo the treatment at the Audio Laser Clinic can do so during the following treatment period. In Italy the same laser therapy is conducted at hospitals that are financed by the government. The waiting list there is about a year long.

Costs at the Audio Laser Clinic

1 examination:  SEK  1 000
1 FORT test (blood sample test and analysis of free radicals):  SEK  500
1 hearing test:  SEK  400
1 treatment session:  SEK  1 000
1 full treatment period (20 treatment sessions):  SEK  20 000