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The history of the clinic

One of the few clinics in the world treating hearing and balance disorders with laser therapy in combination with pulsed electromagnetic field therapy

Audio Laser Clinic is one of the few clinics in the world specialized in the treatment of hearing and balance disorders with LASER and also one of the few clinics treating these conditions with pulsed electromagnetic field.

The Audio Laser Clinic was started in year 1998 in Danderyd, Sweden. Half a year before the opening of the clinic Michael Zazzio had learnt the treatment method from Lutz Wilden, doctor in Germany, who since the beginning of the 1990's had been conducting the treatment of hearing and balance disorders using LASER therapy. In May 1998 Lutz Wilden was a guest speaker in Stockholm where he held a lecture about the treatment method and there Michael Zazzio and Lutz Wilden met. Lutz Wilden had at that time got some of his scientific articles published and one of the articles was based upon his research displaying improvements on hearing after laser irradiation.

In his clinical work Michael Zazzio found out that tinnitus patients suffering from hyperacusis (oversensitivity from sound) received obvious improvements in their oversensitivity and year 2001 Michael Zazzio started a prospective clinical study researching the results for hyperacusis patients going thru the combined therapy. Hyperacusis is in comparison with tinnitus relatively simple to measure and the results were confirming that the treatment method was very satisfying. A preliminary report (half way through the research project) was presented year 2004 in Prague at an annual world congress arranged by the NES (Neurootologic and Equilibriometric Society). Michael Zazzio was an invited speaker. Ever since that congress Michael Zazzio has been an invited speaker at several occasions at international congresses.

The clinical study was completed in May year 2006 and resulted in a scientific article published in Photomedicine and Laser Surgery in October 2009. The article is available to purchase digitally on the homepage of Mary Ann Liebert, Incorporated Publishers PHO-2008:2347 and the abstract of the article is also published on the PubMed, PMID: 19821704. Zazzio M. Pain Threshold Improvement for Chronic Hyperacusis Patients in a Prospective Clinical Study. Photomed Laser Surg. 2010 Jun;28(3):371-7.

Since year 2001 Michael Zazzio has had visiting doctors ( audiology ant ENT specialists) from several foreign countries, who have been auscultating at the Audio Laser Clinic. Several of these doctors learning the treatment method from Michael Zazzio have implemented it into their own clinical work in their home countries such as Spain, India and Turkey. One of the ENT specialists who was educated at the Audio Laser Clinic by Michael Zazzio has after that initiated one of the gold standard studies displying positive results when treating tinnitus with laser therapy.

Year 2002 Michael Zazzio founded the international academy NALMCA (Neurological and Audiological Laser Medical Consensus Academy), now including members from many countries and world areas. Among the members of the academy are found among others neurologists, audiologists, ENT-specialists and rehabilitation specialists. The aim of the academy is to spread information, especially about laser therapy for hearing and balance disorders within the international medical community and to constitute a forum for scientific dialog and exchange of ideas between medical professionals working with or having an interest in working with this kind of therapy. Michael Zazzio is also a medical expert and advisor in the Spanish association Associación Española de Terapias Auditivas and has recently been an expert in audiology for the European Medical Laser Association.

Year 2006 Michael Zazzio established a hearing and balance clinic in Hovmantorp in Kronobergs län/Småland in southern Sweden, where the Audio Laser Clinic nowadays is situated. The patients coming to the clinic are mainly from Sweden, but patients are also coming from abroad, from many countries and word areas, to get treatment for their hearing and balance disorders.

Since year 2000 Michael Zazzio has apart from his clinical work and reserach been working in the field of law, and year 2020 he was appointed judge of the international court/tribunal Natural and Common Law Tribunal for Public Health and Justice.

Michael Zazzio, reg nurse and medical researcher.