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Diseases of the ear, hearing and balance disorders

Research over the treatment of chronic conditions of the inner ear

Present research over the laser therapy and pulsed electro magnetic field therapy conducted at the Audio Laser Clinic within the otorhinolaryngological and audiological field includes scientific studies of the following conditions and disorders:

- tinnitus (cochlear as well as somatosensory tinnitus)
- hyperacusis (oversensitivity to sound)
- diplacusis (incorrect tone perception)
- distorsion (unclean hearing perception)
- sudden deafness
- sudden sensorineural hearing loss
- acute hearing damage
- age related hearing loss (presbycusis)
- perforated tympanic membrane
- inflammation in the hearing canal (otitis externa, "swimmer's ear")
- inflammation in the middle ear (otitis media)
- Ménière's disease
- idiopathic vertigo and balance disorders

Chronic conditions

The above listed disorders and diseases concerns, sudden deafness excepted, primarily chronic conditions, i. e. conditions lasting for a longer period than six moths. Most of the scientific studies are investigating chronic conditions. Recently debuted conditions observed in scientific studies are concluded to be easier to treat than chronic conditions.

The so far best treatment result for age related hearing loss (presbycusis) at the Audio Laser Clinic is an improvement of 42.73 dB HL on the left ear. The audiograms below display the patient's hearing capacity before therapy (the audiogram to the left) and the hearing capacity after therapy (the audiogram to the right). That patient was treated 20 sessions during two months in the autumn of year 2016.


Acute conditions

The experiences of treating sudden deafness shows that the condition should be treated as soon as possible after the trauma to have a fairly good chance of receiving an obvious improvement. After about one month after the hearing impairment the chances for an improvement on the hearing are almost no chances at all.

Treatment of hearing and balance disorders

All above listed disorders and diseases are treated at the Audio Laser Clinic.