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Scientific research

Penetration Capacity of Red and Near Infra Red Laser Light

Red and infrared laser light penetrates tissue better than other types of light do. Red laser light has a relatively good ability to penetrate human tissue, which Michael Zazzio has displayed and proven in a scientific study conducted year 2006.

The pictures below displays how part of the red laser light reaches and penetrates the inner ear and even passes through it and its surrounding tissue. In this scientific study the trial was conducted on pig's ears. The tissue complex displayed in the pictures is 36 mm thick on the thickest part from the inner part of the ear canal (where the tympanic membrane is situated) to the central part of the skull bone. The thinnest part was 32 mm.

The first picture in the sequence below displays how the laser probe (black) is aimed towards the tympanic membrane on the outside of the tissue sample. The laser probe is placed where the outer ear normally is found, but in this trial the outer ear was surgically removed before irradiation. The second and third picture is photographed from the inside of the tissue complex and the pictures display that some laser light is penetrating the ear and its surrounding tissue.


Hearing and balance disorders being treated at the Audio Laser Clinic


There are dozens of positive studies displaying that laser therapy for tinnitus is a working treatment method. Among the scientific studies there are at least two so called gold standard studies (randomized, prospective, double blind and placebo controlled). Apart from those two gold standard studies there are several positive single and double blind studies and several of those are randomized.

An overview of the existing scientific studies displays that the studies where the highest doses of laser light administrated are the ones where the best effects are achieved. The best results were also found in studies using two different wavelengths of laser light.

Tinnitus is also treated with pulsed electro magnetic field supported by about 100 scientific articles based upon positive scientific studies.

Hyperacusis (over sensitivity for sound)

Michael Zazzio has during 2001-2006 been conducting a treatment study on this patient group. The treated patients were in average improving by 15.26 dB HL. The patients assessed in long-term follow-up were improving by 23,19 dB HL. Michael Zazzio's scientific study is published in the MEDLINE indexed scientific journal Photomedicine and Laser Surgery. Mary Ann Liebert Inc. Publishers. PHO-2008:2347. Zazzio M. Pain Threshold Improvement for Chronic Hyperacusis Patients in a Prospective Clinical Study. Photomed Laser Surg. 2010 Jun;28(3):371-7. PubMed - PMID: 19821704.

Another research team treating hyperacusis patients with laser is Teggi R. et al. who conducted a study 2007-2008. The research team used weak lasers but could display that there was a significant improvement on hyperacusis among the patients who received laser therapy compared to those treated with scam lasers.

Chronic impaired hearing, SNHL (Sensori Neural Hearing Loss) and
sudden deafness, SSNHL (Sudden Sensori Neural Hearing Loss)

Several researchers have shown that laser therapy on impaired hearing is a working treatment method. This is valid both for chronic impairment and sudden deafness. Positive studies have been made both on adults and children. For patients struck by sudden deafness there is no time for reconsideration. After a trauma the degenerative processes in the ear are most aggressive during the first two weeks. The condition needs instant treatment. There is no time to lose.

Perforated/damaged ear drum/tympanic membrane (perforate membrana tympani)

Scientific documentation shows that laser therapy on damaged tympanic membranes can bring along that those are being healed. There are examples of patients who have had perforated tympanic membranes for more than ten years and whose membranes have been totally healed after laser therapy. In the early 1980's Ribari O. showed that laser light can heal perforated tympanic membranes.

Inflammation of the ear canal/external otitis and of the middle ear/otitis media

It is widely known that laser light and pulsed electromagnetic fields have a beneficial effect on inflammations. This has been verified in hundreds of scientific studies and the treatment methods are of course also working for inflammations in the middle and outer ear, which has been described in several scientific studies.

Ménière's disease

Patients suffering from Ménières disease is struck by both hearing and balance disorders and this patient group can get relief by the treatment conducted at the Audio Laser Clinic. There are also scientific studies displaying that these therapies have benefits for Ménière patients.

Ménière's disease patients who are about to conduct gentamicin injections in the ear should be treated with laser therapy before and after the injections are made so that the damages from the gentamicin on the inner ear hair cells that the injections cause are being minimized.

Vertigo and balance disorders

Vertigo and balance disorders have in scientific studies been positively affected by these therapies.


This brief overview above displays that there are several types of hearing and balance disorders that are treatable with the combination of therapies used at the Audio Laser Clinic. If you are missing information about any disorder or disease, then you can contact the Audio Laser Clinic. If you want to read the abstracts of the scientific articles you can find many of those abstracts at www.PubMed.com . Most of the studies that the Audio Laser Clinic is basing its treatment upon is found in the reference part on this homepage.