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Scientific references

The below listed scientific references are the base for the treatment methods used at the Audio Laser Clinic. Both the treatment methods LASER and PEMF/rTMS are based upon a scientific ground including positive, double blind, randomized studies. For PEMF/rTMS therapy for tinnitus and many other disorders evidence occurs. For the treatment of tinnitus using LASER therapy there are several so called gold standard studies (peer reviewed, published, prospective, randomized, placebo controlled, double blind positive studies). Gold standard studies have the highest achievable scientific level and constitute the best foundation for evidence based medicine.

Evidence for PEMF/rTMS-treatment of inner ear disorders
The method has evidence for the treatment of tinnitus, pain and many more disorders

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MEDLINE indexed scientific support for LASER treatment
of the inner ear and its diseases and disorders

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LASER treatment of the inner ear and its diseases and disorders

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