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To be able to plan treatment, examination must initially be carried through. At the examination a blood sample is always analyzed using the Callegari FORT-test. The blood sample is analyzed instantly to determine the level of free radicals (ROS) in blood.

The free radicals are important for the development of diseases in the ears as well as in other organs.

To be able to control the levels of free radicals so that they are being lowered, a supply of antioxidants (vitamins, minerals, Q10, ginkgo biloba, beta carotene, turmeric and other anti-oxidative substances) is used. When the levels of free radicals need to be raised L-carnitine and/or physical activity is prescribed and antioxidants in food are limited. To know how to act the starting point of the FORT-value must be known. Abnormal levels of free radicals outside the normal range should be treated and followed up.

At the examination the health background is investigated to find out what the reasons might be for the abnormal condition. It is also important to examine damaged and wounded organs of the patient to be able to adapt the treatment to each patient.

Scheduling an appointment

You can schedule an appointment by making a phone call to the clinic. You can also schedule an appointment for examination and treatment by sending an email. If you need an urgent contact with the clinic or an instant answer to a question, then you should make a phone call to the clinic instead of sending an email. Emails are answered as soon as possible but there are no possibilities to check the email every day, sometimes nor even every week. Call the clinic if you as soon as possible want to come to the clinic for an examination.